Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Plan a Teal Pumpkin Project Halloween

Halloween is almost here – Are you ready?  I am almost ready!  

Our neighborhood is a Halloween trick or treating delight. There are sidewalks and short walkways to the houses. People drive to our neighborhood and have group trick or treating outings. I always enjoy making Halloween fun and special for EVERY child who passes our door.

For the last two years I have participated in the TEAL pumpkin project and I will again this year. The Food Allergy Research and Education Association (FARE) sponsors and promotes the TEAL Pumpkin program to have nonfood treats available.  You post the TEAL pumpkin sign and parents with children with food allergies know that you have nonfood treats. I have candy and non-candy choices and the non-candy choices are very popular with all the kids.  Parents of young children are especially love this idea. Each year more adults notice my TEAL Pumpkin sign and thank me.

Here is the sign to post where people approaching your home can see it.

You can download a sign here so trick or treaters and their parents/guardians can see that you offer non-candy treats. 

Need ideas for non-candy treats?

My favorite for toddlers and pre-schoolers- Party size play-doh containers.  You can buy a 15 pack.  This is an absolute winner with young children and their parents.  One of us manning the door will also go down to a stroller to deliver one to a child in a stroller.  Try that for some big smiles. (Grandmas love to see children smile.) 

This year, Moose toys will again be providing me with these sample packs of Shopkins, Grossery Gang and Twozies in connection with their promotion of the Teal Pumpkin Project. Thank You Moose! The last time I had  Shopkins sample packs on Halloween the kids treated them like I was handing out gold coins!!!

Pencils, erasers, and stickers with Halloween themes are staples popular with a wide range of ages.  Here are the pencils and erasers I will be giving out this year.


Yes, I do have candy too. We have lots of trick or treaters.  Around 4 PM the little ones start arriving (Lots of play-doh treats) and by 5 PM the 5 - 7 year olds are out in force (stickers takeover as the #1 treat).  The 7 and up will flood our block by 6 PM (Moose collectible sample packs will fly out the door.)

I am looking forward to Halloween and i hope you have a wonderful evening also.

If you write, facebook or tweet about this, don't forget to use the hashtag - #tealpumpkinproject

Enjoy Halloween, we plan to here!


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