Monday, April 17, 2017

Sneaker Puzzle - American Style by Ravensburger

Sneaker Puzzle on Display at Toy Fair NY
This 3-D, 108 piece puzzle is fun to put together and fun to keep as a pencil holder.  The ages on the box says 8 - 99 and that is about right.  My grandson, who is “almost 8” put it together by himself with his Pop (My husband) sitting with him and prepared to help if needed.  There are 108 sturdy plastic pieces and each is numbered – they do have to be put together in order unlike a flat jigsaw puzzle.  So you may want to put the pieces in order before putting them together – that was my husband’s job.  Once the puzzle is put together there is a plastic insert which allows the puzzle to be useful as a holder.

This is a perfect gift to have for a grandchild visit – it is easy and fun to do together at any age.  It is cute and it is also cool.  Not too many things fall into both categories.

I first saw the Sneaker Puzzle at Toy Fair NY in February and I plan to include it in a yet to be written puzzles and games at Toy Fair post.  But I received a sample last week and as it was spring break week for my grandson, it was perfect timing.  Zach opened it and within minutes he wanted to put it together.

Here is the puzzle in its box:

Sneaker Puzzle in its Box

Here is the completed puzzle on my kitchen table

The Sneaker Pencil Holder Builder and Owner

 The Sneaker Puzzle is available on Amazon:

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