Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Fisher-Price Learning Tablet - Time for Grandparents to Get Onboard

Fisher-Price Learning Tablet

When doing product reviews, I usually keep in the Grandma zone and stick mostly to non-battery and non-electronic items.  But Grandmas need to know about what is new, exciting and useful  for our grandchildren. Our grandchildren, however young, have some exposure to smartphones and tablets.  But all tablets are not created equal. Young children can have a more enriched and safe experience on a tablet that is designed just for them.  This one, by one of the most respected names in childhood play, is worth knowing more about. 

The Fisher-Price Learning Tablet has many features especially for young children.  If you are considering buying a tablet for a pre-school age child, this may be the one for you. Here are some highlights that are notable:

Protection – There is a custom bumper around the edges, PLUS there is a hard screen cover which protects the screen.  It easily attaches to the back of the tablet when the tablet is in use. My daughter- in-law especially liked this feature.

Learning Tool – Includes 35 pre-school learning apps featuring Fisher Price characters 

Storybook rhymes – sing along and enjoy the animation

Little People videos – Music videos featuring favorite pre-school toy characters

Kindergarten Readiness – Pre-K and K activities with parental tracking so you can keep abreast of your child’s readiness for Kindergarten

Babies too – Laugh and Learn apps will be enjoyed by babies while learning about cause and effect

Google Play – App store is child safe and does not have any inappropriate features available

Timer enabled – You can set time limits and bedtime shutoff times.

There are a bunch of impressive technical specs also but I’m skipping them in this review.

If you read the reviews about this tablet you will find that there is some set-up time patience required.  The parents who make it through that labyrinth are very happy with the content and controls. That was my daughter-in-law's experience. If the parent isn’t tech savy at all they can get frustrated.  This is going to be true with any product.  The more capabilities and controls there are the more complexity.  For parents who want their children to have both fun and learning activities on a tablet with secure parental controls and a sturdy casing, the Fisher-Price Learning Tablet can be an excellent choice.

Here is my grandson enjoying the tablet with his Dad:

Here is a close up of my grandson with the tablet

Note:  I was not compensated to write this review.  The opinion expressed is my own.  I did receive a product sample for review.

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