Friday, August 4, 2017

Grandparents Having Fun in Ocean City, NJ

Every summer I look forward to our vacation in Ocean City, NJ with my daughter, her husband and my grandson.  Ocean City is the real Jersey Shore unlike the TV show by that name.  The Jersey Shore is one of best places on earth for families to vacation. We are lucky to live in New Jersey and be able to load up two cars and drive down the parkway to our favorite shore town.  Ocean City is “dry” (no alcoholic beverages allowed) and there are no gambling games on the boardwalk.  It is a true family vacation destination.

What I like most about it, it is the most multigenerational vacation place I know.   Many - not just some - of the families vacationing here include grandparents and we are having a grand time!

Here are a few pictures I took of grandparents with their grandchildren at the beach. I asked permission to publish these pictures and I thank all of you who proudly let me take pictures of you and your grandchildren for my readers to enjoy.

These grandparents and granddaughter are walking hand and hand at the ocean's edge.

This Grandmom was helping out with five granddaughters and had built a castle with 5 sand seats so that she could take a picture of all of them together.  Her little granddaughter explained which Disney characters each of them would be and asked me if I knew why Snow White didn't have fancier shoes.

If there is a big dig and a young child there frequently is a grandfather involved.  Check these out:

 And this happy guy was building a castle with twins!

I was too busy taking pictures of other grandparents and I forgot to get one of me with my grandson.  Here he is collecting shells to decorate our big dig.

Vacationing at Ocean City also involves having a great time on the Boardwalk.  There are the rides, the arcade, miniature golf, waterpark, nightly entertainment and ice cream.  There is so much happening I got in trouble one night for bringing my grandson home so late.

Here I am on the boardwalk with my daughter and grandson:

This is a better picture of Zach with a minion on the boardwalk:

Do you vacation with your grandchildren?  Please leave a comment with your vacation memories.  

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Jackie said...

I've only been to Ocean City once (I live in NJ) and I loved it. It's a great family beach town.