Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Treemote - Remote On Switch for your Christmas Tree Lights


Here is an early present idea for you to give yourself a - Treemote.  It is a remote for turning on your Christmas tree lights or any lamp for that matter.

Christmas shopping season is here.  The kids are just beginning to be bombarded with the must have toys this season but they haven’t yet gelled what exactly will be on their list.  Soon I will have my own list of Toys Grandparents Will Love to Give – but I am not ready with that post yet.  Today I want to tell you about something you should get for yourself.

If you are like me you have always had to sort of crawl behind the tree to put the lights on and off.  We did that for years with our “real” tree that was beautiful but took up a lot of space, needed to be continually watered and left us with pine needles all year long.  A few years ago, at our son’s urging, we bought a small  artificial tree with pre-lit lights that sits on an end table in front of our living room window.  We love it!  It gets brought to the attic without taking it apart and it is no trouble at all – the perfect grandparent tree.  However, the outlet for the lights is still low on the wall behind the tree.  My son again had a great suggestion last year.  Even though with two small children they are always crawling around on the floor, they had a remote switch and turned their tree lights on with a flick of a switch kept on their mantle.  Hmmm…sounds like a great idea…I think I’ll look into that for next year.

Lo and behold, I had this opportunity to receive a Treemote to review.  Well my Christmas tree is still in the attic so I tried it out on a floor lamp in the living room.  The best news is you can use it for any lamp all year long and it works up to 80 feet away.  This is helpful for me too as when I turn my living room light out for the night I then walk in the darkened room to go upstairs to my bedroom.  I intend to hook it up to this light and leave the remote on my kitchen counter.
This is the Treemote out of the box.

It is simple to install and use but the instructions could use a one step improvement.  I followed the instructions and the lamp light did not go on.  But when I looked at the troubleshooting box, I saw that the lights need to be left in the on position.  Problem solved.  See the operation instructions (It doesn't get easier than this) and the troubleshooting step highlighted that made the difference for me.

Whether you have the same issue I did of a hard to reach Christmas tree lights outlet or a lamp that is inconvenient to turn on and off, you should give yourself an early Christmas gift and get the treemote.

It is available here on Amazon.

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Tim Kane said...

FYI. Treemotes are available this season at Home Depot.