Thursday, July 5, 2018

Out and About with the Grandkids This Summer

When the grandkids visit this summer you definitely want to plan some activities that will be fun for everyone.  Here are some ideas – some don’t cost a penny and others can break the bank.  Last week I wrote about things to do at home and this article is about getting out there for a little action.

Summer Concerts

Many towns have free summer outdoor concerts in a local park or town square.  In our small town we have Wednesday night concerts in the town square.  People bring their beach chairs and blankets and the kids have plenty of space to run around, dance and enjoy. Night is not over - walk down to The Towne Scoop for an ice cream cone.  But you will have to wait – there will be a crowd.  There are also lots of summer concerts further away that aren’t free but can feature marquee names.  You can be a cool grandparent by bringing older kids to see someone they would like to see.  I remember bringing my middle school age son to a Smashing Pumpkins concert.  Lots of brownie points for that one.

Local or County Fairs

These events provide opportunities for rides, games, fun food, entertainment and being with other kids.

Water Parks

Water Parks are becoming more popular everywhere and they are  a perfect place to beat the heat of summer.  You can find a shady place to sit and watch the grandkids slide, jump swim and have a great time.

The Zoo

Younger children especially enjoy a day at the zoo.  But don’t choose a day that is too hot. 

Baseball Game

Nothing shouts summer like a baseball game.  It doesn’t have to be major league.  There are lots of  summer professional leagues that provide a low key inexpensive night out at a baseball game.  I have been checking out the New Jersey Jackals schedule at the Yogi Berra stadium near where I live.

Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is a traditional way to have some intergenerational fun. It is not too strenuous but still lots of fun.

Something Educational

Many museums have special programs during the summer and a visit is a good time to learn about something new – or more in depth – and enjoy the air conditioning.  If the museum has a planetarium show that’s a nice extra.

Something Cultural

I live in northern New Jersey and I am seriously considering taking my 9 year old grandson to his first Broadway show.  Does your grandchild play an instrument – perhaps a symphony orchestra performance. 

At the beach in Ocean City NJ

Something Different

At the LEGO Discovery Center
Do you live in a different state than your grandchildren.  Then there are probably some interesting things to do near where you live that they don’t get to visit when they are home.  I am lucky that my grandchildren live nearby but since I live in New Jersey, I would be making sure my grandkids experienced the Jersey Shore if they didn’t live near the coast.

What are your plans to share with the grandkids this summer.? Please share with us in the comments - it may inspire other readers.  Parents - what would you like to see the grandparents do?

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