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Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers plus a Giveaway

This is the second in my series of holiday gift guides and this one is specifically for preschoolers.  Preschoolers have favorite characters and love to have things associated with them.  My two year old granddaughter is not brand sensitive but my three year old grandson loves Lightning McQueen and Paw Patrol.  This change happens when we aren’t looking and it definitely affects gift giving.  My list for babies and toddlers did not include any character branded types of items but this one does.  I also recommend some wonderful products that you have never heard of but are sure to be winners. This list doesn't have any break the bank items but there are a few pricey ones.  Sometimes those wind up on the grandparents list. The bonus is that this list also features a giveaway opportunity.  Read to the end to see the simple entry details.

About Holiday Lists at The Grandma Chronicles 
This unique guide is from a grandmother’s perspective. It is my HONEST opinion - no corporate PR. 
I go to toys shows throughout the year and I see thousands of toys. Usually I see them out of the box and I may see demonstrations of how they work. The items on this list are the toys that I think the kids will enjoy. And… there are some that you will enjoy playing with the grandkids.  This is how items make it on my lists.

Most of these pictures were taken by me at toy shows - not stock photos.  They may be less than perfect with other stuff in the background, but they show the real deal.
Five Little Fish game by Ravensburger 
Kids begin to play games once they are preschoolers. The Five Little Fish game is full of developmental activities as well as being fun.  Check out this short video to see for yourself.  There are many preschool games to choose from.  I am delighted to be offering Five Little Fish as a giveaway with this guide.  See the end of the article for entry details.

Magnetic Game Box -  Seasons by HABA
This game box opens up and sturdy magnetic cardboard pieces can be attached to the board to represent the various seasons.  This is a great item for travel or bringing to the grandparent’s house.  The box is also a sturdy carrying case.

Once Upon a Craft™ The Gingerbread Man by Educational Insights

This simple book and craft kit make an excellent grandparent and child activity to do together. Forget the picture – there is no cooking involved.  The kit includes a 24 page book, foam gingerbread man and stickers, and finger puppets ready to color.  Will you be spending time with young grandchildren over the holidays?  This will be be a good item to have in your bag.  If this activity is a hit, there are more kits in the series.

Pop-Oh-ver Stove Set and Counter Top Set by Pop-Oh-Ver

These toys were my special secret finds at Toy Fair.  Preschoolers love to play with kitchen sets.  However the big plastic and wood sets are costly and take up a lot of room. These cloth kitchen sets fit over an ordinary chair and transform into a kitchen stove and counter top.  They are washable and easy to fold up and put away when you are not using them.  If your preschooler is a frequent visitor to Grandma’s house or lives in an apartment, it is a reasonable investment to make at $39.95 each.  Other accessories including pots and pans, food and a chef’s outfit and tools are also available from this creative small toy company - Pop-Oh-Ver.

Paw Patrol Headband Headphones by Spinmaster

For many pre-schoolers you can’t go wrong with anything Paw Patrol themed.  There is lots to choose from.  Here is an item that is a little different.  It is a headband with headphones inside.  It provides clear, volume controlled sound.  The headband is washable. 

Deluxe Walking Spirit and Lucky Doll by Just Play

This may be one of those special items on a preschooler’s holiday list that is referred to grandparents who want to buy “that special gift.”  Spirit Riding Free is a very popular Netflix series and there are many toys based on this theme.  This set includes a 14.5 inch walking Spirit and 11.5 inch Lucky doll.  There is sound and movement.  Yes, it costs $50.  Yes, she will love it.

LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World T. rex Tower 

Calling all Jurassic World fans.  This set includes a T.rex lookout tower, a car, Owen Grady figure, a T Rex and other accessory pieces.  22 pieces in total.  This DUPLO set is great for all dinosaur lovers – not just the Jurassic fans. 

Heart Glows Grinch Plush by Just Play
The new holiday Grinch movie debuts on November 9th and will be heavily advertised.  If the grandkids see and love the movie you may want to spring for this extra special Grinch plush. This super soft Grinch's heart lights up, he sways to the music and says phrases from the movie. Pricey but very cute for Grinch lovers. This could easily be one of those most wanted hard to get items by Thanksgiving.

Giveaway Information
One winner will receive a Ravensburger Five Little Fish game.
The hallmark of The Grandma Chronicles giveaways is that it is easy to enter and there are two ways. Both ways count as an entry so you get two entries if you do both.  I need to be able to contact you if you win. If you enter -  email your email address to  I will not use your email address for anything except to notify you if you win.  Grandmother’s Honor.
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You can have two entries by doing both.  Deadline to enter: Thursday, November 29, 2018 at midnight. This item can be sent to US addresses only.

Full Disclosure:  The reviews in this article are my own objective opinion.  I did not get paid to write these reviews nor I do I have a sponsorship/ambassador relationship with any of these companies.

All of the items in this holiday guide can conveniently be ordered from Amazon.  Just click on the icon below to go to Amazon.

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