Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Halloween Teal Pumpin Project Grows and Is Appreciated

Halloween and the days following too can be fun if children are not only safe from physical harm but also safe and healthy when they are rummaging through their Halloween bag.  I am a big supporter of the Teal Pumpkin Project offering non food treats and have been participating since the first year of the program.  I have seen it grow eevery year, with more parents noticing my sign and thanking me.  This year I had several boys and girls also thank me for being “allergy free.”  
It is so simple to do and I personally have to thank Moose Toys for making trick or treating so special at my house.  Our neighborhood has sidewalks and the houses are not set back very far.  It is the perfect trick or treating neighborhood and people drive to come here on Halloween. So we are always prepared for a large crowd.

This year we were also treated to a mild weather, clear evening so our door was open and no one even had to ring a bell.  Moose Toys made our place the “go to” house on the block.  Moose supports the Teal Pumpkin Project and provided me with single pack samples of Happy Places, Doorables, Pikmi Pops and Grosser Gang. These were such a hit!

So here is how I was set up for kids of all ages. I had containers to offer depending on age.  

For preschoolers – party size playdough or stickers.  Parents LOVE this that you have something other than candy for their little one.

For the 4 to 8 year olds – All the Moose surprise packs are an amazing hit.  They actually send their friends to make sure they come to our house.

For older kids, teens and the occasional dressed up adult -  Halloween themed pencils, erasers, notepads and stickers.  Yes the stickers are popular even with the teens. The little ones got the pumpkins and candy corn and the older ones got ghosts and bats.
Helping me with all this was my grandson after he completed his own trick or treating.  He took off this great costume before he got to work welcoming kids of all ages for a perfect Halloween treat.

The Moose surprise packs also make great stocking stuffers and party bag gifts.

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