Monday, October 19, 2020

Halloween in Pandemic Times

Just like celebrating everything else this year, Halloween will be quite different than usual. This is the first big holiday that is very kid centric and there is a wide variety of opinions on what is okay. In many areas trick or treating and parties are completely out. There are still some "normal" things happening but under the "new normal" rules. All of this is tough for parents to navigate - and also for grandparents. Here's the first rule - support whatever plan the parents plan to follow and see where you can fit in. 

Maybe pumpkin picking with a hayride didn't work out this year so take a look at some of the other opportunities. There are parades, Jack-O-Lantern and other Halloween drive by opportunities. There are some 25% full hayrides and reservation only corn mazes. Our local nursery always has a small live farm animal area this time of year and young grandchildren can take a nearby short, uncrowded visit. This year our town is having a home Halloween decoration contest and this will provide a fun at home Halloween activity. The good thing about all of these activities is that they are outdoors. If you are able to quarantine with your grandchildren consider baking something special to celebrate Halloween - candy apples or pumpkin cookies sound like a good Halloween treat.

What about trick or treating. That is certainly more complicated and will vary depending on where you live. In our town we can have it, but no common bowls and you must have social distancing. I am thinking about setting out a table at the end of our driveway with small individual bags pre-filled. I know there will be less kids than the huge number our block usually attracts. I don't know what any of our neighbors plan to do and I am undecided. One thing is for sure - it is not too early to think about it. 

None of my grandchildren will be trick or treating but they all have costumes ready to go. There will be Halloween pictures! The little ones will go on a plastic egg filled Halloween hunt in their backyard. My older grandson can expect to find a bag behind each of five doors. Three of them will have his favorite candy and two of them will have a small non-candy gift. I have books - one a traditional one I have read with my older grandson for several years and one I am ready to pass along to my young grandchildren. I am lucky enough to be able to see my grandchildren during the pandemic and have had some school assistance responsibilities too. 

Normally I follow the Teal Pumpkin plan and offer some nonfood options. If I do trick or treating, there will be nonfood options on my table. Playdoh, stickers and Halloween pencils will be choices. But they will be in separate clear bags. 

What are your plans? Please let us know.

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