Monday, June 14, 2021

Why? Oh Why? Oh Why?

Little Kids First Big Book of Why 
and for older kids, 
Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything 

Today I want to tell you about two hardcover books published by National Geographic Kids. Childhood is full of wonders and it is sure nice to have a reference around for some of the answers. These books are filled with beautiful, playful illustrations. They are perfect for a child or grandparent’s ready reference library to answer all sorts of questions that life brings to us.

Summertime is upon us and it is a wonderful time for these discussions when they aren't school related.  Enjoy!

Little Kids First Big Book of Why 
Seriously, All little kids are curious and have lots of Why questions. Often parents and grandparents are stumped and hard pressed to come up with an answer. I know that I hate the thought of giving a wrong answer even though I just don’t know why. And that is why we should all have this book on hand. The questions – and the answer that is understandable for a Little Kid - for lots of questions are all here and each has a big beautiful picture to illustrate the subject. 

There are over 70 questions answered organized into four categories: 
  • Amazing Me 
  • Animals All Around 
  • How Things Work 
  • Wonders of the World
The picture oriented index allows a pre-reader to choose the topic of interest.  Here is my grandson pointing to the solar system:

 My five year old grandson is super interested in the solar system and so the pages on the planets, stars and the moon were his favorites. And Grandpa thoroughly enjoyed exploring these topics with him. Here are some of my favorite pictures of them exploring these pages together.


Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything 

This book is geared for kids ages 8 – 12. The topics, illustrations and answers are geared for them. A look at the index page shows the wide variety of topics included. I took a great picture of my 11 year old grandson enjoying this book but he was mortified and made me delete it.  I am sure you can all identify with that.

These two pages about Zits are a good example.

Both of these books are available at Amazon.  Check them out here:

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Grandparents and Dads – Are the Kids Ready for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Dads and grandparents here is something fun and simple that you can do with younger kids so that they have a present for Mom. This is actually important if your kids are not in in-person school where they probably would have been preparing cards and art work to give to Mom on Sunday morning. 

This is a tested project. I did it with my grandkids on Saturday. Buy some simple craft supplies and let the kids design their own creations. You don’t have to have them follow directions for a specific project just let them do their own thing. Here are the art supplies that I bought at Michael’s. When my grandkids (ages 4 and 5) visited, I opened everything onto the kitchen table and let them decide what they would make for their Mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry - I forgot to take pictures of the final products before the brought them home. Dad will keep them safely until Mother’s Day. 

Each child started with a piece of felt and created their own artwork. They used the foam – peel to stick backed - letters to write their names and to Mom. My granddaughter used mostly the foam stickers to create an outdoor scene but my grandson went for multimedia with foam flowers, markers for stems and an artificial flower and leaves for the 3D effect. Separately he wrote messages on the colored sticks that I am sure his Mom will enjoy. 

This project had a bunch of positives: 
• It was a fun and fairly quiet activity. 
• It didn’t require excessive grandparent physical energy. 
• The cleanup was easy. 
• The final products were creative and cute. 
• Mom will appreciate the homemade – yet not meant to be kept and used - gift. 

For older kids, there’s the classic Mother’s Day gift. Work gift cards for Mom and she can use for the kids to do vacuuming, the dishes or other chores. Moms love getting these even if they don’t turn them all in. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you grandmothers too.

Please share your ideas in the comments.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

The First-Time Grandmother's Journal


The First-Time Grandmother’s Journal by Lisa Carpenter

The First-Time Grandmother's Journal by Lisa Carpenter

One of the greatest joys in life is becoming a grandparent for the first time  While you are still a grandmother-to-be, it is a good time to plan for the wonder of it all.  For most of us there is this long space of time between when our now grown kids were kids themselves and when we have babies and young children – now as grandchildren in our lives again.  We are more than ready.  We can’t wait.  What to do??

The First-Time Grandmother's Journal is an excellent resource to plan, reflect and record your experience.  The first part of the journal is for before the baby is born and the second part is for the first year of your grandchild’s life. Some pages have thoughtful notes of advice to guide you on your new journey as a grandmother.  Many pages are setup for journaling – the old fashioned way with an actual pen in your hand – and just have a topic and brief prompts for that topic and lots of space for you to write  - your plan, hopes, experiences, reflections and whatever you want. 


This will be a recording of your personal legacy as a grandmother.  Perhaps you will read it each future time you become a grandmother.  You will smile and reflect on how many of same feelings you have, what you have learned and how each time you become a grandmother it is a whole new experience because each child is unique and each human relationship is unique. One baby wants to snuggle and be held and another does not.  One toddler likes to cuddle up and listen as you read five books.  The other toddler just wants to run and jump and won’t stand still.  Whatever you experience – adapt and enjoy!  In fact this journal is excellent for each time you become a grandmother – not only the first time.

The First Time Grandmother’s Journal is an excellent companion as you journey along from learning that you will be a grandmother to being one.  It is an excellent gift for the Grandmother-to-Be.  I always bring along a small grandmother gift to baby showers and this will now be my go to gift for new grandmothers. 

I strongly recommend that you check out Grandma’s Briefs, Lisa Carpenter’s excellent grandmother blog.  It is the best grandma blog available.  You can order The First Time Grandmother’s Journal at amazon.  See the link below.

Full disclosure:  I received a free review copy of this book. I did not receive compensation for this review and I was under no obligation to provide a review.  This review is my honest opinion.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Why Doesn't my Grandchild Zip his Jacket?

I had never heard of “Brown Fat” until recently but apparently it is a real thing. Of course, I have observed many times kids in very cold weather tossing their hats, gloves and jackets. Even when we tell them to put that jacket back on because we don’t want them to get sick they are reluctant to do so. Why is that? Is it just because they are constantly moving? Apparently not. 

It turns out that kids have more brown fat than adults. Unlike regular old white fat, which stores calories, mitochondria-packed brown-fat cells burn energy and produce heat. And it is activated by cold! This actually happens for adults too – we have some brown fat too. Having you ever been out in freezing temperatures shoveling snow and actually began to feel too hot with the clothing you have put on for the very reason to keep you warm? I certainly have. It is probably because you are activating your brown fat. 

Just this morning my grandson and I were shoveling snow together. He was at our house for a sleepover because his school is on winter break. He headed out with an open jacket and although I suggested that he zip it up he ignored that advice. I was, of course, bundled up. He was fine and not bothered by the cold weather at all. I stayed bundled up but was quite warm when I took my jacket off inside. I think we were both burning some brown fat and thus stayed warm with different amounts of layering. 

Zach may have been burning some brown fat, but he was happy to have the grandma version of hot chocolate – topped with Redi-Whip AND marshmallows! I had some Twinings red rooibis tea - no Redi Whip or marshmallows needed. 

Moral of the story – don’t get too worried about that hatless, open jacket grandchild. Perhaps let them just enjoy the cold their way.

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