Monday, May 3, 2021

Grandparents and Dads – Are the Kids Ready for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Dads and grandparents here is something fun and simple that you can do with younger kids so that they have a present for Mom. This is actually important if your kids are not in in-person school where they probably would have been preparing cards and art work to give to Mom on Sunday morning. 

This is a tested project. I did it with my grandkids on Saturday. Buy some simple craft supplies and let the kids design their own creations. You don’t have to have them follow directions for a specific project just let them do their own thing. Here are the art supplies that I bought at Michael’s. When my grandkids (ages 4 and 5) visited, I opened everything onto the kitchen table and let them decide what they would make for their Mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry - I forgot to take pictures of the final products before the brought them home. Dad will keep them safely until Mother’s Day. 

Each child started with a piece of felt and created their own artwork. They used the foam – peel to stick backed - letters to write their names and to Mom. My granddaughter used mostly the foam stickers to create an outdoor scene but my grandson went for multimedia with foam flowers, markers for stems and an artificial flower and leaves for the 3D effect. Separately he wrote messages on the colored sticks that I am sure his Mom will enjoy. 

This project had a bunch of positives: 
• It was a fun and fairly quiet activity. 
• It didn’t require excessive grandparent physical energy. 
• The cleanup was easy. 
• The final products were creative and cute. 
• Mom will appreciate the homemade – yet not meant to be kept and used - gift. 

For older kids, there’s the classic Mother’s Day gift. Work gift cards for Mom and she can use for the kids to do vacuuming, the dishes or other chores. Moms love getting these even if they don’t turn them all in. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you grandmothers too.

Please share your ideas in the comments.

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