Thursday, December 30, 2021

Holiday Vacation Traditions

Every year during Christmas vacation, my grandson spends one night with us for a sleepover. I am a person who loves, makes and follows traditions. I think these become important parts of our children's and grandchildren's lives. They create memories that sometimes span even more generations. I have made Christmas cookies with my children and now my grandchildren with a recipe that was my father's family recipe. That is definitely part of the fun. That recipe may not survive but somehow, I think baking cookies during the Christmas season will.

Anyway, Christmas is over.  My grandson is 12. Star Wars and Harry Potter LEGO sets are in as well as even more electronics than he already has.  But tradition persists.  So along with tacos, cookies, brownies, banana split ice cream - everyone knows that a Grandma's kitchen is always well stocked and open - there is room a a holiday vacation tradition.

I have taken out of yearly storage two puzzles that we have been doing as part of our holiday tradition during my grandson's holiday sleepovers.

When we first did this 400 pieces family puzzle in 2017 my husband and grandson worked on it slowly savoring a jigsaw puzzle as it was meant to be.  Here is Zach with the complete puzzle in 2018.

This week was a different matter.  Zach still wanted to do the puzzle but this time he wanted to see how quickly it could be done - so fast it was.  I snapped this picture just as Zach and Pop raced to the finish line.

How much of a tradition is this?  Looking back even further Zach and his Pop had fun with this 64 pieces "Snowman's Band" puzzle from eeboo.  Zach and I did this one too - his choice and we completed it in a few minutes - but did we have fun doing it - Yes!!!!

Completing the same puzzle every year is a fine tradition and I highly recommend it.  You may have a different one, but I strongly recommend starting and maintaining traditions. Perhaps yours will be LEGOs.  As our grandchildren get older - and we do too - it is good to have things you can enjoy doing together.  They don't have to be big or expensive - they just have to be together.

Here are some recommendations for items available on Amazon.  I highly recommend the puzzles from eeboo - they are high quality and great to do over and over.

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